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  • Commercial
    The primary goal of Palmeri is to offer business opportunities to its customers. To fulfil its goals in the most efficient manner, the company has a sales team of 15 agents, scattered throughout southern Italy. The team is made up of professionals with years of experience, competent, and able to support the needs and requests of each individual user, including after-sales, specifically in the following sectors: Industrial, Automotive, Truck
  • Transport
    Thanks to a careful scheduling of deliveries, Palmeri’s logistics manage to process all orders placed punctually and efficiently. Speed and widespread coverage of our territories is the focus of Palmeri’s logistics. Thanks to our collaboration with the main national couriers, we can deliver daily to all the provinces of Sicily, Calabria, Puglia, Basilicata and Campania. For the Sicilian territory we manage to provide two daily deliveries.
  • Service Desk
    The Service Desk is the core of the Palmeri Company, equipped with no less than 8 specialised and trained staff to respond to all needs and provide any kind of technical as well as commercial information. It guarantees continuous and punctual customer service. Our PNEUSB2B, which is fully managed by our company, gives the possibility of viewing our warehouses H24 and placing orders through this platform. Inside, there is a variety of e - content at the complete availability of our customers.
  • Storage area
    Palmeri has 2 storages located around Catania, for a total of over 16,000 square meters of covered warehouses. The main storage in Misterbianco "located in the ex-Michelin branch premises" has all the most advanced storage systems, in such a way to preserve the tyres as if they had just come out of the manufacturer's factory. Catania’s storage is strategically located at the exit of the orbital road and at the entrance of Catania’s city centre, and thanks to this building we can serve the entire city promptly.
  • Administration
    Experienced staff in accounting and financial fields, committed to offer all customers administrative and accounting support, guaranteeing accurate and continuous assistance.
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