Our company, in order to better serve its customers, puts a wide range of products and equipment for automotive professionals, as well as tools, all of the highest quality.

Not just tires…

  • Motor set for all cars on the market FASANO
  • Kit wheels complete with pantograph ratchet, and a convenient carrying bag;
  • Iron and alloy wheels OZ, ALCAR, MAK, MSW, 1000 Miglia, SPARCO.
  • Mechanical and Automotive Tools, Pneumatics (screwdrivers, grinders, saws, etc.) wrenches, socket wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers and torque tools, tool trolleys and work benches FASANO
  • Jacks, Bridges, Dampers, Dampers, dismounts tires and wheel balancers, Air conditioning refill equipment, fume extraction, exhausted oil recovery units (CATTINI - OMCN - GGE - SEMAD - ECOTECHNICS - JOHN BEAN - FLEXBIMEC - ZAVAGLI)
  • Vulcanizers, test tanks, pneumatic inspectors, wheel trolleys LAMCO
  • Repair materials such as putty, assembly paste and repair kit SCHRADER
  • Latest generation tpms valves and sensors ORANGE
  • Oils and additives SHELL , and the whole range WD40
  • Workwear such as AJSIA gloves and UPOWER shoes, Pants, Polo, Tshirt, sleeveless etc ...
  • Snow chains;
  • We support the professional at 360° to allow you to always be at the top!!!